Buell Fan Cooling Kit for ’99-’02 X1 Motorcycles


Buell X1 Lightning Fan Cooling Kit from Engineered Velocity!

Tired of your family jewels cooking while riding your tube frame Buell?

Our fan kit for injected X1 ’99-’02 Buell motorcycles is the answer to help your ride a more enjoyable and comfortable excursion during “parade laps” and traffic congestion.  Designed for the urban Buell X1 rider or those that live in climates where temps can climb during riding season.


  • A thermostatically controlled fan provides cooling when you need it most.
  • A hidden electric fan blows air across the engine significantly reducing temperatures in fuel injection systems and the powertrain.

Direct fit onto ’99-’02 X1 Buells!

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Made in the USA!