Buell Isolator Inserts for ’95-’02 S1 & X1 Lightning, S3 Thunderbolt & M2 Cyclone


New engine isolator inserts for your tube frame Buell. These billet aluminum pieces insert into your factory rubber isolators.

The inserts help to tighten up the Buell uniplanar isolation mounting system by helping to reduce lateral motion of the engine and rear suspension with respect to the main frame.

With less lateral motion, the front and rear suspension remain in alignment and handling characteristics are improved by allowing a more predictable chassis. The isolator inserts compliment the trilogy of tech.

Buell used two different isolator hardware. These are designed for the allen headed bolts with the washers taken off.  Check to see which style you have before ordering!  The later torx style of bolts will either need to be turned down to work or the earlier allen headed bolts will need to be procured and utilized for this swap. Average mechanical experience is necessary for this swap.

Made in the USA!

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