Ford Mustang Cobra 11.65″ Rear Disc Brake Conversion Brackets for ’79-’93 Fox Body


Cobra 11.65″ Rear Brake Conversion for:  ’79-’93 Fox Mustangs & Clones

The ’94-’04 Cobra 11.65″ rear brake conversion will bring your ’78-’93 Fox body Ford (’79-’93 Mustangs, ’79-’86 Mercury Capri, ’84-’92 Lincoln Mark VII etc.) up to today’s standards in braking capability.

Designed off of Ford’s own prints & CAD models and analyzed through COSMOS FEA software to confirm our own strain gauge data to produce the best design and highest factor of safety on the market.

These conversion brackets will enable your vehicle’s 8.8″ &/or 7.5″ rear to have an enormous leap in braking capabilities over your stock braking system for half of what the big brake aftermarket companies will charge you.

Fox vehicles will need to perform the popular five lug conversion with the stock length axles for ’79-’93 Mustangs.  Additional hardware, flexible hydraulic lines, parking brake cables, SN95 Cobra rotors, SN95 Cobra calipers, proportioning valve and brake hardlines are needed to complete the swap.

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Made in the USA!